The AAB Weekly Reader

We have a lot of brilliant friends in the blogosphere, so we thought it would be a great idea to share some of their fabulous posts with you. Here's a look at what caught our eyes this week:

Black and Married with Kids asks, Do You Know How To Fight?

Were you surprised at the price of getting married. Get Married can relate in the article, Wedding Costs: Sticker Shock and Awe

Single ladies sometimes wonder why they've never been a bride. Chic... Personal... Fun wonders why she's Never a Bridesmaid.

Trying to get your hair ready for the big day? Naturally Leslie explores the question, Do Protective Hairstyles mean, "Unattractive" Hairstyles?

Opulent Creations has some of the cutest photos of sleeping babies you've. ever. seen.

Preston Bailey wants you to ask yourself if you're wasting time with "crazy makers".

Oh! And don't forget to pop over and wish Broom Jumping Bride a Happy First Anniversary.

Have a fabulous weekend!!! :)

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