Love Affair... with my Photographer!

- by Brittiny

Have you ever seen a photo so striking that it brought tears to your eyes? For me, my tears came looking at the work of the phenomenal, great and funny Fola Adewole. I saw her work and blinked to hold back the welling emotion. I remember the very first shot I saw, a great and sassy couple on rocks at a beach, she was wearing a gorgeous blue bathing suit, he a cool pair of shorts and they were holding their initials, JB. I thought "WOW. What a cool shot. I love that, I wish I could have a photographer like that whenever I am married (insert sigh)". I then shrugged it off, no more daydreaming, I'm not yet engaged, but my clients were, I thought to myself.

I then emailed Fola asking if she traveled. I was astonished by her prompt response, her enthusiasm and her prices! I was very happy thinking to myself "Well, at least if one of my clients book her I can use her work for my own portfolio". Little did I know that six months later I would be able to book her for my very own wedding!!! I have a love affair with her artistry, her persona and her talent. To say I cannot wait to see what my pictures look like is an understatement. I honestly hope that my wedding lives up to her talent. For me Fola captures the essence of people, I feel as if I have been given a glimpse into someone's most intimate moments and yes ladies, she is booked, she is mine!!!!!

Now, let's see if you get the same emotion that I received from her pictures...

All photos courtesy of Fola Adewole.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure we got the same feeling. Love the first one absolutely!

My best, Lynn

Itiel said...

Truly felt. The second and third made me think (instantly) of my fun and intimate love with my husband.

Thank you for sharing.

Mocha Frugalista said...

@lynn: isn't she phenomenal?! I cannot wait to see how she captures our day!!

@smell goods: how sweet is that?! I think the first photo that made me lover her was in July of 09 and it was a great picture of a couple on the beach and for me it stuck out as a wow. I love that picture, but honestly she has a slideshow that goes through her weddings and the slideshow left me in tears. I <3 Fola lol!!!!

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