Keeping Love Alive: The Miracles

- by Erica

Kathleen and Ollie Johnson are the power couple behind Dr. Miracles hair care products. I recently had the chance to talk to them about how they’ve managed their business and marriage partnerships so well while also homeschooling their three children. Rather than parse out their words, I'm giving you the entire interview. A very interesting and funny couple!

Me: Do you find that working together so closely enhances or challenges a marriage?
Kathleen: For us, it’s an enhancement because we have a mutual interest outside of the marital norms. It is hard for men and women to find things to share that they can both be passionate about. This is something that means a lot to both of us.

Ollie: Working together has given us an unusual opportunity to share in the Dr.
Miracle’s journey. Since we are not performing the same job functions, we bring unique perspectives to working together.

Me: How do you handle disagreements?
Kathleen: Yelling, violence and generally being irrational. Ha, Ha, Ha...just kidding.

Ollie: We talk out our positions when there are disagreements. Usually there is room for compromise.

Kathleen: After 26 years of marriage we know we have different views and have learned to listen to each other and take time to consider the other's point of view. I respect Ollie's viewpoint based upon his years of hands-on experience while I may bring a "looking at the forest outside of the trees” view. Each view has value to us.

Me: Is it difficult to create "alone time"?
Ollie: We manage “alone time” when we feel we need it. Sometimes taking a trip to the country is a good remedy.

Kathleen: Since our children are grown-up, we are enjoying the freedom that comes with not having to be regulated by meals and bedtimes. It's great being able to travel together more and be spontaneous.

Me: Do you feel the media does enough to show the reality of black love and black families?
Kathleen: I feel that the media does “very little” in the way of positive affirmation of the Black family or Black love. The positive aspects of the Black family are rarely highlighted and not enough media attention is spent on those couples who represent positive family values.

Ollie: Television doesn't do much to show the reality of most things. It just doesn't sell advertising. What people want is drama. To see a family at peace with one another and living normally is not exciting, but it is a blessing.

Me: So, how did you spend Valentine’s Day?
Ollie: We went for a couples massage in the afternoon. Afterwards we were picked up by a limousine that took us to a very romantic restaurant.

Kathleen: It's just a nice day to do something together like go to a fabulous restaurant in SoHo (New York) for some great spicy Thai food. We exchanged little gifts to express our love for each other. Finding ways to say "I love you" is always important. We don't take what we have for granted.


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