Running of the Brides 2009

Yes, it's that season again. For the seventh year Filene's Basement is holding its "Running of the Brides" events in major cities all over the country. Each sale is a virtual stampede for designer wedding dresses marked up to 90 percent off.

The first 2009 Running of the Brides sale took place on Friday in Atlanta. 1,300 women showed up (some of them had camped out overnight) to join the stampede which erupted in pandemonium, chaos, and even one fistfight! Take a look:

Want to get in on the, er, action? Chances are, the Running of the Brides is coming to a town (almost) near you.

Rockville, MD April 3
Chicago, IL July 24
Washington, DC July 31
Boston, MA August 21
Cleveland, OH October 16

Go HERE for more details.


Unknown said...

They do this in Boston too! It's always a great event!

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