Rihanna & Chris Brown Back Together?

That's been the word all weekend from the blogosphere. Now Rolling Stone, iVillage and E-Online are confirming that the pair is working on reconciling at P-Diddy's house in Miami. Assuming it's all true, what do we think about this given the allegations?


chicky*baby said...

I wish them the best. I can't really judge. I just hope they both are getting help and not just doing it for the cameras.

Shell said...

You can love some people, that doesn't mean they should be in your life. I wish her well and hope she'll be okay.

Anonymous said...

I think it's very sad, and it just reconfirms that domestic violence is not taken seriously enough in our community. Getting back together with her abuser just weeks after he beat her up shows that Rihanna doesn't have a lot of respect for herself, so she no longer qualifies to be a role model for young African-American girls, in my eyes.

I have to call my teenage niece tomorrow and check in with her, just to make sure she doesn't get the idea that it's okay to let a man put his hands on you, just because you're "in love."

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