Themed Wedding Invites

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Shopping for wedding invitations can be more difficult than what meets the eye, especially when you trying to stay within the vibe of your wedding and your budget. I decided to check out the invites over at Invitations by David’s Bridal to find some inexpensive, yet classy invite ideas that would suit the various wedding day moods and themes you are all celebrating.

Autumn Feelings

Fall is creeping up and many are looking for a crisp look for your autumn vows. Details of leaves and candy apple colors are perfect for October and November weddings.

Lakeside Nuptials

Overlooking the water from a dock or lakeside home? Whether your color scheme is warm or cool tones, most invites will come in various color schemes. There were some great choices of seaside ceremony invites for Cape Cod type ceremonies.

Great Outdoors

I absolutely love these scenic cards highlighting the wilderness and landscape. They would fit perfectly for a Mid-western, ranch-style wedding or even a mountainside, log-cabin celebration.

Winter Wonderland

Just in time for the holidays, snow and winter white are perfect choices for the cooler months. Especially for those to wed in the north, a snowflake scene will still be fitting for couples walking down the isle after the festive season.


The dropping temperatures give any bride and groom the perfect excuse to escape to an island getaway to tie the knot. Get tropical with seashells, blue waves and palm trees that will get the guests longing for the set date.


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