A Wedding As Unique As You Are

- by Lisa

There are many ways in which you can make your wedding unique – many more than I can address in this one blog. That being said, I do want to address some ways in which you can use details to make your event not only stand out from the rest, but also make it absolutely extraordinary!

Creating the floral design plan is one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. Flowers are so beautiful and make everything seem so romantic and magical- like a dream you do not want to wake from. They make any event come alive. When I think of weddings, I think of flowers. There is nothing more special than a nicely designed floral piece, and in some instances; the designs have taken my breath away. For me, it’s not the big beautiful designs that are so impressive, but the well chosen ones containing the minutest detail – reflecting the feeling, formality, and style of the event as a whole.

One way in which you can really make your pieces unique, is by customizing the container. Having a country – outdoor theme? Try putting your blooms in a Longaberger basket, with a simple ornament – “To Love” – attached perfectly with a coordinating ribbon. Or perhaps you are having an Italian theme, with foods from Italy. Try putting your pieces in different shaped pasta sauce jars. Keep the labels on for an additional creative touch. One table can be labeled Ragu, while another Prego! For a home wedding, galvanized pails might be the container of choice. Having a “City” themed wedding? Maybe your centerpieces might not have flowers at all, but items that originated from your city of choice. So many choices and ways in which you can make your wedding stand out.

Votive candles are as indoctrinated into weddings as flowers these days. Every wedding has votive candles, 3-4 surrounding the centerpiece, mostly in clear glass jars. Candles add a beautiful soft light that make things have an extremely romantic feel. Why not enhance your look with colored and textured votives. It’s just a small touch that will make a huge impact – making your wedding stand out from the rest. Also, place them in other places – on the buffet, the gift table, etc. I really do not think that you can use too many candles.

The bows. By now we've seen them on the chair covers, in the hair, on the back of the dresses, and on the flower girls. It may be time to get bows a well-deserved rest. Here is a nice alternative to the more traditional “bow”. It’s nice, clean and works well on Chaivaris. For chair covers, I would go with a simple band. It’s easy, slides over, clean, no mess –and more importantly - no fuss.


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