Adding A Little More Activity To Your Day

I'm happy to report we're still at it in week four of the State Farm 50 Million Pound challenge. Not perfect, by any means, but still on the wagon.
I am not one of those people who hits the gym daily. As a matter of fact, most days, my toddler is all the intense physical activity I can handle. But I've been reading some really good tips about adding just a little more physical activity to your day. While they're nothing new, they're great to remember because a little goes a long way.

Getting up from your desk and walking around.
Basically, this tip asks you to consider doubling the number of times you get up from your desk. You can either walk around the office, walk a couple of flights of stairs or walk around outside.

Parking farther away from the grocery store. You've heard this one before. But think about doing it everytime you're in a parking lot. Don't worry about getting the spot closest to the door. Instead park closer to the ends of the lot and STROLL.

Taking the stairs. If you work in a skyscraper, this is not for you. But I've been finding lots of non-work places to climb the steps, such as the doctor's office.

Stretching before bed at night. (And in the morning, if you have time.)

Join us in continuing our health goals at State Farms' 50 Million Pound Challenge:


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