Bridal Shoes from Chinese Laundry? Yes!

You never know which clothing/shoe companies are going to begin courting brides-to-be next. But it's usually good news, because it gives women more options. We especially love it when our readers find great bridal products in unexpected places. We recently heard from some of our brides-to-be that the trendy shoe company Chinese Laundry had some affordable and comfortable options for weddings. So, of course we had to check it out. Below are some of our picks and not one is over 70 bucks.

Chinese Laundry - Paloma

Chinese Laundry - Colette
Chinese Laundry - Colette

Chinese Laundry - Friday

Chinese Laundry - Shameless

Chinese Laundry - Willy

Chinese Laundry - Wasabi

Chinese Laundry - Dagger

Vintage Laundry - Mimosa


bridechic said...

Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. Love all your blogs

fitflop said...

I bought mine the day before traveling to Nola and walked in them for three days straight! The first day my calves were sore but after that they felt great! I get compliments on them everywhere I go, and they have kept my feet very healthy. I have plantar faciitis and need a shoe with arch suppport and heel support. I also have tendonitis in my knees. I also run, spin, lift weights and stay fit…bought these because they looked cute and seemed sensible for my foot issues. The weight loss claims are silly, but the other aspects of the shoes are great. They look a bit more upscale than straight-up flipflops and they don’t wreck your feet. How great is that?

Retro Jordan said...

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