Bridesmaid Trends Not to Be Missed

By guest blogger Melissa Phillips
Event Coordinator & Owner of Simply Perfect by Melissa

Gone are the days of the taffeta nightmare paired with dyed shoes and a miserable bridesmaid. While bridesmaids should be a little overshadowed by the spotlight of the bride, they still deserve to look good and have fun!
These days, bridesmaids are tapping in to the hottest trends and Melissa Phillips of Simply Perfect by Melissa is showing off the best of these trends.

Bridesmaid trends to love:

1. Nontraditional bridesmaid dresses: One of the biggest complaints about being a bridesmaid dress is the cost (and look) of a single use dress. The wedding industry is seeing more maids wearing dresses from women’s retailers such as Ann Taylor, J.Crew and other boutique shops. These dresses can still be colorful, but they have cocktail feel. After the weddings, jewelry, belts, sandals, wraps, etc give the dress a whole new feeling.

2. Fun accessories: Bridesmaids are embellishing their dresses with trendy jewelry, floral pins, brooches, and feathers. Again, this breaks the mold of the traditional bridesmaid dress, and gives them some great new pieces to wear again.

3. Gift for the bridesmaids: The current trend involves less uniformity in gifts and more customization for each girl. Brides are putting individual thought into each of their girls and getting gifts that reflect something about that specific bridesmaid. This gives a much more personal and special touch to gift giving.

4. Metallic shoes: Dye-ables are going by the wayside…Bridesmaids are moving more towards a universal metallic shoe to compliment the dress and add to the accessories. Which is great because these shoes can be used long after the wedding.

5. Variation in bouquets: Vary up the look of the bridesmaid’s bouquet to add a twist to the overall look of the bridesmaids. Brides are choosing a variety of blooms from the blooms being used throughout, or switching up the colors using different shades or colors from the wedding color palette.

6. Smaller bridal parties: Brides are selecting fewer girls to keep their bridal parties smaller and more intimate.

Bridesmaids everywhere can quit groaning and start shopping with these trends in mind. The bridal party has changed gears to allow for way more fun and dresses and accessories that can be used for years to come.


AnnaMan said...

I agree with all the tips and advices, but I just one to add one more thing - this is your day - do whatever you want, dress however you like and be happy!
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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Fun to be a bridesmaid these days!

Kristy | Wholesale Roses Co said...

Love the idea of customizing bridesmaids gifts... that gives it a much more personal touch and real love for each or them!

Tina @ wedding favors said...

These are the best things that we women can really talk to under the sun and anywhere we go.

Anonymous said...

Great tips. My bridesmaids were spoiled. They helped me so much there was no way I couldn't spoil them. They got dresses that they liked and can be worn again. I took them to the spa a week before the wedding so we could all relax, and for their bridesmaids gifts I got them all personalized Pandora gift sets. It was so much fun, I wish I could do it again!

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