Need Vintage Inspiration?

-by Erica

If so, look no further than the blog of B Vikki Vintage. Vikki is a young researcher working on an entire series dedicated to vintage black weddings - a girl after my own heart! She already has two jubilant, ultra-inspiring and beautiful posts that make you want to locate all those forgotten family photo albums. Be sure to check her out.


Unknown said...

I really want to say one thing here for this couple, You both are made for each other and looking very happy together, And must be enjoying life...


Unknown said...

I have never seen a wedding so beautiful in all my life and I thought my daughters wedding was fab,well she was toped on this day,may your life be blessed with the love that only God can provide,my he touch both of you and grant you everlasting love, it was a pleasure seeing you again you look stunning in all your photo's and I'm glad everything worked out so wonderful, with all my love Cynthia

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