Traditional Cake Toppers Are Back

Cake toppers have undergone so many transformations in the last few years. Why just a short time ago many brides were trying to figure out whether they needed cake toppers at all. But the traditional always returns and now we are seeing more and more of those miniature brides-and-grooms sitting atop wedding cakes. We'd love to know what you think of the traditional cake toppers below. Which of them would appeal to you? And would any of you choose a racy cake topper like the last one?

"Ebony Enchantment" Cake Topper at

Lenox Opal Innocence Porcelain African-American Bride and Groom

Apple Tree Cake Topper

"Sweet Embrace" at


Funny Sexy Topper from C&R Unique


Shell said...

The apple tree topper is my favorite. I like the racy one but wouldn't have it at my kind of wedding.

Quiana aka Haute Chocolate aka Mrs. B said...

I agree- i've seen quite a few traditional cake toppers in the past months. My best seller is still flowers however, just because people end up using again for their anniversary down the line.

I really like the "sweet embrace" because its so modern & sleek.
The racy one is actually funny and sexy but i wouldnt have that on top of my wedding cake- but maybe for the anniversary ! lol

Anonymous said...

I like the Apple Tree one best cos it's kinda like me and BigNate (in public), but the C&R Unique is us too (in private)!! :o)

Silver jewellery said...

All the tops are very nice. I like each one of them. Specially, The Apple Tree Tops is amazing. I hope it will increase extra beauty to any girl.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful.

Sugar & Spice Event Design said...

It is hard to find culturally relevant cake toppers. They always look so unrealistic. This is a pretty good selection. That last one is a awfully interesting! LOL

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a fullfigured (African-American)bride-there would definately be a market if it were available.

Kristina - CT-DJs said...

Wow! Those wedding cake toppers are really cute and beautiful. Love it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.

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