Choosing the Right Photographer

-by Lisa

Besides choosing your spouse of choice, your photographer will be one of the most important parts of your day. In many instances, the planning stage is a year or more, and the day seems just like a moment. When all the food is gone, the flowers are long dead, and the dress preserved - your pictures will serve as the memories you remember, have forgotten or never experienced. I cannot express how important it is to choose the photographer that fits you style and personality, because it’s through this medium that you will remember your special day.
One point that I cannot stress enough is that photography is an art. Each photographer has his/her individual style – a style that no other photographer can duplicate. When you find a photographer that you like, you should commission that photographer. If your preferred style is formal/posed, than you should commission a photographer that excels with this type of portraiture. If you like a fine art approach, then you should commission a photographer who excels at a fine art approach. To ask one photographer to duplicate the style of another is pointless because you will not be happy with the final result or with the photographer.
Since I live in the real world, I know that budgets come into play. There are great photographers in all budget categories. You just have to do your research. Does your style not match the style in most “traditional” wedding photographers? Are you budget challenged? You may have to go outside your comfort zone and seek out freelance photographers who would fit your budget and/or style preferences.
Let’s review the 4 most common styles of wedding photographers.

1. Traditional
– These photographers are proficient at capturing posed shots so that they do not look posed.

2. Documentary – These photographers tell a story from beginning to end. They will often take a picture of a shoe, or an earring. They will capture the entire story from beginning to end.

3. Photojournalist – A true photojournalist excels at capturing emotion on film. It’s a newspaper style. They are able to get emotion out of the moment. The style is very hands off.

4. Fine art – These photographers often have the option of taking some or all of your wedding on film. These photographers often have their own dark room, and can offer options; such as, hand painting and custom printing.

Along with the style, the personality of the photographer is extremely important. You and your fiancé(e) will be spending the entire day with him/her. Liking and feeling comfortable with your photographer is of utmost importance, not only for great pictures but also for a good experience.


Anonymous said...

I think my style falls between traditional and photojournalistic. I'm confident I'll create a list for my photographer that will capture great moments. Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

What a great post!!

Shawna Herring Photography said...

Great advice!

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