Veils Unveiled

So, what's new in veils? If you've visited a wedding boutique lately, you've probably seen a lot of veils doing their best impression of the pricey Pnina Tornai veil in that top left picture. Many designers no longer see the veil as just another accessory. (In fact, there is a new trend of brides buying a simple affordable gown, and then splurging on an ornate veil. More on that later this week.) The point is, many veils are now designed to becoming the centerpeice of a bride's wardobe with beading, crystals, piping, and embroidery to be showstoppers on their own. What do you ladies think of this? Just to give you some more ideas, take a look at more of today's popular veil styles.

ArtikalNYC on Etsy

Winters and Rain

Orange Blossom Cage Veil

Erica Koesler

Erica Koesler Veil 735

Erica Koesler Veil 704-33

VeiledBeauty on

Online Bridal Store


Next week, we'll show you the hip, funky accessories some modern brides are wearing instead of veils. You do NOT want to miss that, ladies!


Anonymous said...

I have never been giving enough thought to the veil...until know. Thanks for bringing my attention to it. What I love is the idea of buying a simple veil and then sprucing it up and making it unique. Not to mention that I have not been able to take my eyes off for over 40 minutes now and get back to what I am supposed to do

Peridot26 said...

I Love veils! I love taht you can keep it simple or go all out. What other day than your wedding day, can you wear a veil? I wore one on mine and it was really special for my hubby to lift my veil to kiss me:)

Anonymous said...

I love those different veils. I am going to use my sister cathedral veil and dye it ivory. I cant wait to use it.

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