Book Giveaway!

Ladies, this week is giving away a copy of the book "'Help! I'm a Newlywed...What Do I Do Now?" Author Lorraine Robertson of lays it all out for brides-to-be and for those of you who have already tied the knot. As the Web site says, she'll tell you what no one else will- about in-laws, sex, children, communication, money, EVERYTHING. The book also makes a great gift. Perfect for this time of year!
Want it? All you have to do is comment on any of the blog posts made from now until Sunday. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Monday morning. Good luck! Want to hear more? Here, the author reads an excerpt from her book:


Lite }{ said...

just recently got married. would love to read the book. it sounds pretty interesting. glad I found this blog too! Peace+Butterflies}{

Peridot26 said...

What a great idea for a book!

Joyce B. said...

Hello love the blog!...I need this book!

Quiana aka Haute Chocolate aka Mrs. B said...

I think this book is a GRRRREAATTT idea! My business( allows me to work with brides on a more intimate level than most vendors and I cant tell how many times brides express to me their concerns & apprehensions about their new life as a wife. Its good to see someone is sharing their experience with them after the vows. Thats wonderful!


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