At Last: Kangol Kid and Roxanne

If you're under 30, hang in here with us for a minute while we gossip about a couple of hip-hop legends. But it looks like Roxanne Roxanne and Kangol Kid of UTFO may finally be a couple! She may not have "met him at the beach 25 years ago, but Word on the Street Magazine is reporting that the two were snapped while making out at a show in New York City. They reportedly did not speak to each other for more than a decade at one point. We'll keep our eyes open to find out where this new development leads.
And, by the way, we're talking about The Real Roxanne. Not Roxanne Shante, Roxanne's Sister, Roxanne's A Man or anyone else spawned from the hundreds of answer records that came out after the original UTFO cut, Roxanne Roxanne.


Atiyah said...

OHH I used to have the biggest crush on Kangol Kid.

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