Trend Alert: Cookies as Wedding Favors

- by pastry chef Gail Dosik

Couples planning their weddings often come to me to create special, edible cookie takeaway favors for their big day. It's a sweet and personal way to convey something very meaningful about how the couple to their guests. Need a few ideas for coming up with your own edible wedding favors? Try these:

◆ Traditional - If your wedding is more traditional, a cookie that mimics the bride's gown, bouquet or engagement is an elegant and tasty reminder of the day.

◆ Outdoors - Having a garden wedding? How about flower or butterfly cookies to celebrate the outdoor venue?

◆ Passion - Do the newly married couple share a passion project? If they're animal lovers, an artful cookie rendition of their pet is a wonderful way to bring a smile to everyone's lips.

◆ Destination - With destination weddings being so popular these days, a cookie representing an element of the special location can be fun. Getting married at a vineyard? A wine bottle cookie with the couple's name on the label is a pleasant reminder of the occasion.

◆ Hobby - If the bride and groom share a favorite hobby, let the cookie tell the guests what it is. Music buffs can offer guitars or other musical instruments, for example.

Beginning in the 17th century, wedding guests were sent home with a slice of the cake. With the cake placed snugly under the pillow, the sleepy guest would hopefully dream of their own future spouse. I certainly encourage taking the cookie favors home, but, can't guarantee that it will conjure up nocturnal forecasts of wedded bliss. So, do what I always encourage my clients to do: eat the cookie.

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Anonymous said...

This cookies are so cute.My favourite is that one with the British flag.

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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Great ideas for how to select cookie wedding make them meaningful, as well as pretty & yummy!

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer said...

Those cookies are too cute to be eaten!

SamantaVan said...
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Erica said...

Great tips. The wedding bouquet is adorable. They almost look too good to eat.

Bulk Roses Co said...

Oh, how yummy! I love these. It would be nice to put these in a take home bag or guests to take home after the wedding.

Millie End said...

Awesome! Such original ideas for cookies. Gives a little extra special feel for your guests!

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