The Charm of Short Wedding Dresses

A while back, we heard from reader Sabrina Henriques who sent us an email with her wedding picture attached. She was wearing a short wedding dress in the photo and said she wanted to encourage any other bride who might be considering the same idea. She was definitely on to something because now short wedding dresses are more popular than ever and designers are making them in all price ranges.

Design Visage

Iman Bridal

Tia Mowry on CW

Oscar De La Renta

Courtesy of

What do you think of short wedding dresses? Do you think they should be restricted to casual or civil ceremonies? Would you consider wearing a short gown for your wedding or renewal? Do tell!


Unknown said...

ooooh! I am loving dress #3! Gorgeous!!

Glenn S. Ferguson @ Bahamas Destination Wedding said...

Thanks you for featuring short wedding dresses. These have always been the rave for beach and destination wedding. And its great to see that its appeal is growing.

And it shows in the designs that you have as all of the major wedding designers are now creating quite stylish short dresses.

African-American Brides said...

I'm glad you're enjoying this post. If I had it to do over again, I might have chosen a short dress for at least my reception!


Lisawhite said...

I really enjoy reading it!Thanks for sharing!You have great photos and nice articles.

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