More Help With Trimming Your Wedding Costs

There are a lot of sources for managing your finances while planning the wedding you want. But we really like the Wedding Survival Guide by CBS MoneyWatch. The feature "9 Tricks to Trim Wedding Costs" is especially full of good, solid advice. Hope this helps some of our ladies who, like a lot of us, are managing our champagne tastes in style!


invitations anniversary 50th said...

For every couple who plans to get married, I think they should have a budget line for their big day. It is because after their big day, they will have a new chapter in their life which is to build a family. I mean, that is something you really need to invest at.

Pam - Ring Insurance said...

I think that planning the wedding budget is one of the least fun things to do - but it is a nessesary evil. The earlier it is done, the better. The wedding budget should be one of the first things a couple tackles.

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