AAB Weekly Reader

Because we want to make sure you don't miss out on fab blogs from our bloggy friends, be sure to add these to your readings.

False lashes look great when they're done right. Make sure you have the right tools with with this checklist from celebrity makeup artist Brandy Gomez Duplessis on AntiBride.com. (The photo on the left is courtesy of Brandy & Studio Tran.)

Want to get your nails ready for the big day? Get some tips from this post by Ghana Bride.

The blogger Then Comes Wife shares some fabulous news with the blogosphere. Congratulations, lady!

Don't believe the hype. The reality is that there is no shortage of black love or committed African-American couples, as you can see on the Black Love Poster Tumblr.

On the same note, thanks to Essence.com for this adorable story about a truly beautiful couple!

You know those pricey shoes you can't stop thinking about? Don't loose hope of finding something VERY similar for a better price. Take a look at what BrideOnABudget found.

Do some websites and magazines mislead brides about wedding costs? Some wedding experts think they might.

Our good friends at Alfred Angelo are looking for a Wedding Dress Diva. Could she be you???

Want to play around with NEW wedding color combinations? Try ColorLovers.


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