Journey to the Altar: Invite FAIL

- by Brittiny

It all started at Office Depot. I was in a rush to get my things printed and someone asked me if I did invitations and of course I say no and begin telling them about my job etc. The clerk interrupted me and asked me if I wanted my invite trimmed I said sure. She cut the damned thing down so far it looked like an oompa loompa's invitation. I fought back tears because I realized I had only ordered ONE sample of this paper and messed it up. So I, being resilient, squealed that's okay we can just use the RSVP since it's not cut down. I mean I just wanted to see what it looked like on the paper, right? Well that's just the beginning. I get home with my invitation sized RSVP and my oompa loompa sized invitation and show Mr. Mocha. His response was "what's wrong, I don't see anything wrong with it". I looked at him dumbfounded. Then I decided I was going to go ahead and do the stamp. Lo and behold, I forgot AGAIN to get new ink and inked it with the dullest ink on the planet. While I was pondering over the ink conundrum I stamped the second chandelier CROOKED! (Laughing yet? I was). I then go and get my handy dandy pink glue gun, Frenchie, out (from Grease remember the pink hair lol). Now Frenchie had never ever let me down. Until today :D. I quickly stick in the glue wax faux sticks and la dee da wait for it to heat up. I then dripped 3/4 of an inch or so onto my ribbon after an okay practice run on a sheet of paper. That went not so well. I dripped a huge glob from the glue stick onto the right hand corner and proceeded to do the wax seal. Well I put my wax seal in olive oil and push it down, I swear it looked like Mt. Helen erupting with the wax running everywhere. I am 100% sure I didn't wait long enough for it to cool. Want to know the best part? You cannot even tell it's our initial at the end. I then go to put the damned monstrosity into the envelope and - you guessed it - it's too big to fit. By this time I am laughing my ass off at myself and I just take the silly thing and trim it down to size.

Here's what I learned today:

* Don't let the person cutting your sample out of your sight
* Don't dwell on an incorrect cut while stamping
* Wait the full 1-2 minutes on the faux wax seals
* Don't take yourself too seriously. I mean, um, crying at a counter at Office Depot when my wedding isn't even for another 10 months is a bit "much" to say the least.
* Thank goodness I have 10 months to perfect this. At least my envelopes look good!

Have you had any funny stories with your invites?


Unknown said...

hahahaha. Girl, you just cracked me up! Because if the tables were turned, I'd probably be tossing in turning in my bed from nightmares. I need to learn and thing or two from you! ;)

P.S. Your invites look great! I can't wait to see the real final product!! =)

Janet said...

I think you have some great advise. When things go wrong, the best thing to do is laugh because the alternative is not too pretty! There is nothing you can do about mistakes except correct them (or learn from them) and move on. Great post and ex excellent blog!

Mocha Frugalista said...

@jaryce: lol yeah eventually i just started laughing and shrugged my shoulders. My fiance thinks that I am doing too much anyway with them. He goes babe they are just invitations and I went straight psycho bridezilla: NO. THEY SET THE TONE FOR OUR WEDDING AND THEY WILL BE FANTASTIC. He raised his eyebrows and continued playing his video game lol!!!

@janet: thanks :D. and yeah the tears at office depot was definitely not my best moment and thanks for the compliments about my blog :D. it is actually just an online diary from me so it's cool that folks take interest because it definitely is my heart and soul on the screen..

DeVonda said...

Relax- Relate- Release

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