Journey to the Altar: Baby's Breath

by Brittiny

Today I fell in love with baby's breath once again and became so inspired that I decided to use it as a centerpiece for my bridal show today. It is definitely more organic and sassy than the inspiration pieces but still me. Let me know what you think! I think the polka dot ribbon wrapped vase definitely lends a bit of my sassiness into the equation.

Inspiration Pictures

Now, here is my take on the baby's breath.

I think next time I'll definitely shape it up a bit more, but I sort of love the unruliness of it and allowing the organic nature to shine through. The fragrance is intoxicating and everyone leaned over to smell. I do think that these will be an adorable addition for a shower or a casual wedding.


Lauren @ten23designs said...

I have never thought to use baby breathe like that. I think I am going to suggest that for an event this Spring.

Mocha Frugalista said...

Everyone loved it at the bridal show. And I was even imitated by one of the top florists in my area at a subsequent show, so I definitely think they'll be a hit!! Have fun with it and be sure to post your pictures!!


MsSvelteNY said...

I've always been a fan of it. I plan on using it for one of my events. Did you know that there are several variations of them. There's a smaller version that the one you used. I've save so many pics of different ways of displaying them that now I think I'll start to practice. It doesn't look as easy as I thought it would be. lol

Mocha Frugalista said...

@mssvelte: I didn't know that. I used the Wal-mart variety lol!! Here things are very difficult because florists must have licensure which doesn't allow me to visit the floral markets etc. In Tennessee and Mississippi that is a different story. The problem with the size that I had is that it needed to be clipped properly into the circle, I clipped the bottoms but not the top. After looking at it, I sort of liked it wild and funky-like. It was a great change from the normal structured looks.

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