Your Wedding Day Memories On Film

- Lisa
You will find that your photographer and your videographer are two very important members of your wedding team. They will capture the images that serve as your memories. It’s very important that you are comfortable with both of these vendors - as being uncomfortable does show in the final product. When interviewing potential vendors, make sure that you like not only their style, but that they work well with you and with others - making the day successful for all involved.

In my experience, it seems that couples know, very well, the importance of great photographs, but are more iffy about the videography portion. In overwhelming numbers, they feel that photographs will be enough and they do not need video. I wanted to use this blog not only as a shout-out to all my videography friends, but also to stress the importance your wedding video in re-creating those special moments and events that take place on your wedding day. After all, you not only invest money - but more importantly, even more time in planning your wedding. The day goes so fast, it’s important that it is documented fully with professionalism and expertise.

I think the most value to a wedding video, is that it gives sound and words to the day. For me, that is what makes my video unique You can hear the words of your ceremony - the readings, the vows - the tears and smiles. You are able to see the movement of the dances. All of these real experiences help you to relive the entire day from start to finish. Additionally, you see and hear special things that you missed on your wedding day. I cannot express enough how quickly the day goes. Your wedding day is a whirlwind - and it seems that it ends as quickly as it started. Most importantly, you see and hear those friends, family members and loved ones who have given you the greatest gift - they have traveled near and far to be with you on your wedding day.

I interviewed two videographers about why the video portion is so important. Click here to read what they had to say.


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