Signs You Might Need a Planner

- by Lisa

In my last blog post, I spoke about the importance of the “day of” coordinator to your wedding planning team. Now, I want to talk about the benefits of hiring a planner – not necessarily to plan every single detail of your wedding- but in the very least, to give you advice and guidance throughout the entire planning process.
The only way I know to tell you about the benefits of having a planner, is to tell you the value I bring to my own Brides and Grooms – through their words.

The “All Powerful” complex
Wedding planners sometimes have the ability to make magical things happen with just one phone call or email – like a super hero! It’s pretty funny that some people will not respond to a Bride after a week, but will respond to me right away. I often wonder why that is – since the Bride is their client and not me. I think it’s because I bring more repeat business. Whether it be bad, good or indifferent – it’s true.
It’s totally not my style to push people around – however, when someone doesn’t respond to one of my Brides…they know it. Plus, if people want my business, than they have to show me how they will go above and beyond for my couples.
Just last week, a Bride wrote me an email and said – “thank you for whatever you did that made them respond”.
Don’t worry, I know that I’m not “all powerful”, but I love it when my vendors make me feel that way! It’s an ego booster!

The “independent party”
I have no alliances to anyone, with the exception of the two people that hire me – the Bride and Groom. It’s my job to get you what you want. I had my wedding years ago. It was wonderful, but it’s over. It’s not my job to plan my wedding, but to take your vision and make it a reality. We are here to advocate for you. We negotiate with vendors, whether they are our suggestion or yours. We help to smooth things over with your family and friends.
We have been the “fall guys” before, and we will be the “fall guys” again!
A few of my couples have asked me to talk to vendors when they are having a difficult time getting their points across. They ask me intervene.

The “connected” one
One advantage of having a planner throughout the entire process is that you are able to take advantage of their years of “networking” hard work. A good planner will have many connections within the community – which allows you access to the best vendors in the area. If the planner is well respected in the community, the vendors will want to go above and beyond to impress you and your family – thereby impressing the planner which equals “repeat business”.
At one of my recent weddings, the Bride and Groom contracted a videographer and opted for associate coverage (no assistant). On the day of the wedding, the owner showed up with an assistant. Not bad! Above and beyond!

The benefit of “experience”
Experience is one of the most important aspects. A good planner will have years of experience. Having done umpteen more weddings than the Bride and Groom - he/she knows the ropes and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of “wedding planning”. He /she will ensure that your process is smooth and stress free. Your planner will make sure all the nuances of wedding planning are taken care of with professionalism.
Additionally, I totally believe that time is money. A planner will save you time and stress which will be worth his/her weight in gold.

Photo courtesy of Amy Kuschel


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