Review: Wedding Cake Vodka

As most of our readers know, we're big fans of creating signature drinks for wedding receptions. If you are thinking about coming up with a cocktail for your own reception, I recently tried something that might be very appropriate ingredient. It's Pearl Vodka's new flavor "Wedding Cake".
When I sipped it, my first thought was, "Yes. No doubt about it. It definitely tastes like a wedding." It was sweet, light, and fluffy, with a hint of vanilla and buttercream. I recommend it. It would be great with any of the less-sweet fruit juices, or with ingredients like blue curacao or grenadine. Once you have this as your base, odds are you'll be able to create something really yummy for your guests. I know, because I had a great time testing it out for you.
I'm told Wedding Cake will also be available in wedding favor sizes in the near future.
(This image courtesy of BrideFinds)

If you're interested in more information, visit Pearl Wedding Cake.


Aurea said...

I can imagine the taste at the tip of my tongue as you describe the flavor of it. Yes, it's important to have a cocktail drinks for your gusts.

Damien said...

I'm trying to stay on a low sugar diet, and vodka has been my go-to base...I wonder if the wedding cake flavor added a ton of sugar?

Tina said...

I am trying to imagine how it tastes like. :)

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